Welcome to our page! We are passionate about sharing God's love through music!! We hope you will take a look around and find something that will encourage and inspire you today.  Connect with us on all our social media (at the bottom of the page) - we look forward to interacting and hopefully meeting you somewhere, some day! We hope you are blessed and inspired by our music!! Blessings!

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Bart + Tricia Dyer, based in the NYC Metro area, are a dynamic worship leading couple who have a heart to lead people to Jesus Christ through their music and inspiration. You will feel their love for God and passion for His presence in every song!  

Bart grew up in central Ohio, and Tricia on the east coast - they met in college, fell in love, got married, had two amazing sons, traveled the world singing and leading worship and now have the privilege of leading and serving the fantastic worship and creative team at The Life Christian Church in West Orange, NJ!

Check out their music on iTunes and other digital media outlets as well as on Youtube and Godtube! 





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